Migraine Pro Interactive Learning System

MigrainePro™ is an adaptive three-module program providing a concise individualized action plan that helps you better understand your unique acute treatment needs. It explores a range of therapeutic tools to improve the outcome of acute treatment and provides an action plan that can be shared with your medical provider to assist in the management of your migraine.


Obesity Shared Decision Making Tool

This weight management tool is designed to promote wellness and self-management through shared decision-making between patients and clinicians. It provides patients with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to actively participate with their clinicians when making decisions that can improve their health and healthcare.


Gout Shared Decision Making Tool

This gout tool is designed to activate patients through education, shared decision-making, and self-management to improve their health, therapy adherence, and overall satisfaction. The patient is able to create and print a customized action plan to share with their clinician for use in mutual decision making discussions.