Missouri Medical Cannabis: A Practical Primer

With Medical Cannabis now legal in 36 US States, practitioners have a greater need than ever to understand the laws surrounding this program, cannabis as medicine, the endocannabinoid system and the research available for its use in qualifying conditions. In Missouri, Amendment 2 became law effective December 6, 2018. Across the state, there is a general lack of information available about the program, the patient certification process, treating qualifying conditions and the potential benefits of medical cannabis.

Best Practices in Primary Care Fall 2020: On-Demand

This 12-hour on-demand CME activity (originally took place on September 10-12, 2020 in Hilton Head Island, SC) examines various conditions often seen in everyday practice with the goal of learning new strategies for diagnosing and treating patients. This activity provides opportunities to get answers to your burning questions and learn ‘best practices’ tools and techniques to help you better treat your patients.

Complementary and Integrative Medicine: A Basic Primer – What’s Known and What Isn’t

Approximately one in three patients have used some form of complementary and integrative medicine (CIM) in the last year. Most do not share their use of unconventional care with their primary care providers. PCPs need to be aware of the prevalence of CIM use in their practice and how it can impact outcomes for better and for worse.

Whiplash Injury: Things You Need to Know

We all run into patients from time to time where we aren’t always sure of what the symptoms are evidence of. It’s also common to misdiagnose patients or misdiagnose those who come in to receive chiropractic care or physical therapy. The goal is to always strive for the patients and clients to leave satisfied and with a greater understanding of whatever issue they’re experiencing.

Tendon Injury: Things You Need To Know

Tendon injuries are rather simple to diagnose. Tendons are tissues that attach muscle to bone. Tendons are strong and can support up to 5 times your body weight. However, sometimes they become injured, especially at the heel, elbow, shoulders, knees, and hands. Often this happens because of the tear in the tendon over time.

Limbic Healing

Biofeedback is the door to the Healthy Self. Through the process of biofeedback, the body relaxes, dissolving tension; and the mind is turned off momentarily by picturing a symbol of the Healthy Self. Because the mind can hold only one thought at a time, intruding thoughts are blocked from the mind by visualizing the Healthy Self.