Acute Otitis Media in Children

Acute otitis media (AOM) was the third most frequent diagnosis in ambulatory care for patients under age 15 in the most recent National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey and is the most common cause of antibiotic prescription for infants and children.

Abdominal Migraine

Dr. Able discusses a recent patient who suffers from Abdominal Migraine and the treatment options. An abdominal migraine is a condition that mainly occurs in children who are between five and nine years of age, although not often, it can also occur in adults.

Heart of Medicine

Primary Care: The Heart of Medicine. Where is primary care today? We seem to have veered far from the country doc approach. Or maybe we haven’t veered as far as we think.
Just like in the old days, we still have the opportunity to affect lives, help patients create change, and be there for people in their times of need. Family Physicians, Internists and Pediatricians are the front line of care.