View of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a chronic and disabling mental illness that has affected millions of people all over the world. Schizophrenia is defined as a psychotic thought disorder characterized by a mixture of symptoms. These symptoms may involve alterations in perception, cognition, emotions, behavior, attention, concentration, motivation, and judgment.

Mental Health Impact in the Midst of the Coronavirus

As the world continues to face the growing issue of the coronavirus, it is important for the mental health status of all individuals who find themselves at the frontline of this pandemic to be assessed on an ongoing basis. The mental health of all individuals is important and may require evaluation.

From Depression to Wellness in MDD

In primary care, a sizable number of patients have major depressive disorder (MDD). Of these, up to three quarters are either not treated or incompletely treated. This lack of proper treatment leads to significant reduction in quality of life and carries with it increased risk of morbidity and mortality.

Resources for Patients

Healthcare providers often find it difficult to provide mental health help for their patients because they don’t know where to start. Dr. Charles Sneiderman provides numerous sources for patients and family education.

Paths Less Traveled

Ethical dilemmas face physicians frequently, but the price one pays for medical care encompasses not only money, but issues of quality of life, unintended consequences, and possibly life itself.

Family Secrets

Dr. Able discusses the signs of domestic abuse and the top 8 non-physical types of behaviors that produce violence in a home.

Risk of Violence

As primary care providers, what are our obligations to protect patient privacy and public safety (including our own and the safety of our colleagues)?

Postpartum Disorder

A majority of women experience some emotional lability within the month surrounding childbirth characterized by crying for no reason, anxiety, and irritability. The first postpartum checkup or the first well-baby visit is an ideal opportunity for screening.

Education Station™

This Education Station™ activity will deal with diabetes, hypogonadism, and major depressive disorder. Primary care clinicians frequently encounter these chronic conditions and are expected to manage them routinely in daily practice. Tools, techniques, and strategies to overcome the barriers to effective management of these chronic conditions will be discussed in this Education Station™ activity.

Mental Status Exam

A quick primer on the importance of stepping back from the routine of the history and physical to read some non-verbal cues, note gaps in fluent speech and pick up on my emotional reaction to the patient. A pneumonic is revealed to help us incorporate this assessment into our daily interactions with our patients.